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The Four Types of Tow Trucks

Everyone is aware of what a tow truck is, however there are literally 4 varieties of tow truck that many individuals won’t concentrate on. They are outlined not by the dimensions or make of the truck, however the mechanism they use to tow automobiles.

Flatbed Trucks
flat-bed-truckThe easiest and most secure type of tow truck brisbane, a flatbed truck is a truck with a hydraulic plate on the again for a car to be positioned on it in a horizontal place. The transported car both drives on to the flatbed underneath its personal energy or it’s pulled with a winch. Flatbed tow vans are the most secure for automobiles as a result of it’s secured in a flat place as an alternative of being pulled by a hook or chain.

hook-and-chain-tow-truckHook and chain
Two chains are looped beneath the whereas the entrance of the car rests on rubber mats. The car then strikes on its again axle whereas it’s being transported. The hook and chain is an older mechanism that’s largely out of date these days, because the chains can scratch and injury the bumper. The hook and chain can’t be used on 4×4 and all-wheel drives because it wrecks the drivetrain.

These days hook and chain tow vans are primarily used for wrecked automobiles and junk automobiles, conditions the place additional injury to the bumper doesn’t matter.

wheel-lift-tow-truckWheel Lift
An evolution of hook and chain know-how, the wheel carry makes use of a hydraulically lifted metallic yoke to tug a automotive by its wheels. Front wheel drive automobiles are pulled by their entrance wheels and vice versa for rear wheel drives. Wheel lifts will not be as protected or safe as flatbed vans, however they’re much inexpensive.

boom-tow-truckBoom tow vans are giant, specialist vans designed for recovering automobiles that can’t be safely transported by pulling up in entrance like a normal tow truck. Boom tow vans use a growth winch just like a hook and chain tow truck, however the growth is far bigger and has extra freedom of motion. Vehicles could be secured by a easy chain or a extra complicated mechanism like an A-frame or a telescoping tube. Boom vans are primarily used for recovering crashed automobiles from ditches and embankments, however are additionally used for specialist jobs that different tow vans can’t do.